Writing is a basic skill one must acquire in order to function and compete in a rapidly changing local and global environment. Its best to start out early enough helping children: toddlers, pre-teens and teens alike to develop and acquire this skill yet age should never be a factor.
Writing can be a hobby, a career / profession, writing can even be perfunctory, whatever angle you choose to come from,the fact remains that “There’s positivity in every facet of writing”.

Our creative instincts can be fully enhanced and or harnessed through writing. It has been proven that ; People who keep personal journals, notes or diaries are good at harnessing their emotions and staying on top of their game, they have better control pf their feelings and life as a whole.
Suffice it to say that in dealing with emotions / heartache and keeping our life emotionally balanced, writing comes in handy as a very good therapy.
Children benefit the most when writing is made fun and engaging for them, on the other hand, adults stand to develop some self awareness through writing and for those who discover writing to be their chosen field of profession, Congratulations to them because not only will they enjoy writing but will also smile to the Bank as writing can be a very lucrative career.

Finally, writing helps you develop some sense of self worth and confidence ——- Did i hear you ask how?
When you put your feelings, ideas, thoughts and dreams to paper, you are communicating with your self. This helps you identify and correct any mistakes, it also makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings concerning any particular subject matter.

As you continue to relate to your write-ups, correcting and making additions on it, your tolerance for failure grows – You are better able to accept yourself in totality, fight your demons and eliminate your fears. This is a very powerful requisite for success.

So fans let’s please hit pen on paper today, writing down all of our thoughts, fears, ideas, emotions and dreams.
The best thing about writing, is that you can write about anything irrespective of your age, gender and or profession.
                                           WELCOME ON BOARD PEOPLE!

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